from Monday to Friday
from 12:00 to 16:00
Including for tourist groups
Discount 25% on dishes with *
From Monday to Friday, from 12:00 to 16:00
Stolichnyi* - 90RUR (100gr.)
Chicken fillet, fresh cucumbers, green pea, carrots, boiled eggs, mayonnaise.
Greek* - 120RUR (150gr.)
Fresh cucumbers, lettuce leaves, fetaki(cheese), tomato, onion, bulgarian pepper, olive, olive oil.
Japanese* - 120RUR (150gr.)
Chinese cabbage, pickled cucumbers, carrot, chicken fillet in sauce.
Oh! Vitamins* - 90RUR (100gr.)
Chinese cabbage, fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, apples, vegetable oil.
Crab! - 100RUR (100gr.)
Crab meat, rice, fresh cucumbers, corn, mayonnaise.
Herring «Pod Shuboi» - 120RUR (100gr.)
Herring, beet, carrot, eggs, tomato paste, sol, mayonnaise.
With sour cream
Rassolnic* - 100RUR (250ml.)
Pickled cucumbers, pearl barley, chicken, broth, onion, carrot, potato, condiment.
Mushrooms soup* - 100RUR (250ml.)
Mushrooms, mushrooms broth, carrot, potato, onion, condiment.
Borsch* - 110RUR (250ml.)
Meat broth, beet, potato, carrot, onion, condiment.
Soup with fresh cabbage* - 100RUR (250ml.)
Fresh cabbage, potato, vegetable broth, carrot, onion, condiment.
Chicken soup - 100RUR (250ml.)
Chicken fillet, potato, carrot, vermicelli, condiment
Kebab (Shawarma) - 200RUR (150gr.)
Pickled cucumbers, korean carrot, tomato, chicken fillet, mayonnaise, pita.
Roast chicken* - 130RUR (100gr.)
Chicken fillet, tomato paste, onion, potato, condiment.
Chicken fillet* - 130RUR (200gr.)
Ffried chicken (served in slices).
Pork «Iceberg» - 150RUR (230gr.)
Pork, mushrooms, cheese, 2 (eggs) proteins, onion, mayonnaise.
Beef Stroganoff - 180RUR (100/50gr.)
Bbeef, meat broth, onion. (Served with sour cream).
Pilaf with chicken* - 140RUR (250gr.)
Rice, chicken fillet, carrot, onion, vegetable oil.
Chicken fried in cream with mushrooms* - 140RUR (100gr.)
Chicken fille, mushrooms, onion, carrrot, 20% cream.
Chicken in tomato sauce* - 140RUR (100gr.)
Fried chicken fillet, tomato, onion.
Pork goulash* - 140RUR (100/50gr.)
Pork in sauce (flour, carrot, onion, vegetable).
Pork in French - 130RUR (100gr.)
Pork, tomato, bulgariun pepper, cheese, condiment, mayonnaise.
Fried smelt - 110RUR (100gr.)
Smelt, 2 eggs, flour, vegetable oil.
Chicken goulash - 130RUR (150gr.)
Chicken fillet, carrot, tomato, vegetable oil.
Turkey grill - 150rub.(100gr.)
Turkey fillet, tomato paste, vegetable oil.
Rice* - 50RUR (150gr.)
Buckwheat* - 50RUR (150gr.)
Mashed potatoes* - 70RUR (150gr.)
Pasta - 70RUR (150gr.)
Coffee Espresso - 70RUR (40ml.)
Coffee Americano - 70RUR (140ml.)
Coffee Cappuccino - 130RUR (150ml.)
Black tea* - 50RUR (200ml.)
Green tea* - 50RUR (200ml.)
Tea in teapot* - 50RUR (500ml.)
Evervess tonic 0,6l - 100RUR
Pepsi Cola 0,33l - 60RUR
Mountain Dew 0,5l - 90RUR
Lemonade Baikal 0,5l - 50RUR
Lemonade Tarhun 0,5l - 60RUR
Lemonade Dushes 0,175l - 40RUR
Sanpellegrino 0,3l - 140RUR
Juice0,2l - 65RUR
  • Peach, apple
  • Apple
  • Cherry
Water Ledenev 0,5l - 45RUR
  • Sparkling
  • Still
Compote (fruits) - 50RUR (200ml.)
Cinnamon roll - 50RUR (100gr)
Cinnamon roll
Cake - 70RUR (100gr.)
Ice cream - 100RUR (100gr)
Ice cream
Pancakes with sour cream - 100RUR (100gr.)
4 pancakes/25gr.
Cafe Arcada
Bolshaya Konushennaya, 11/13, Saint-Petersburg
Phone: +7 812 5717917
We are open daily from 11:00 to 20:00
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